On Target Driving School

Our mission is to coach students and adults to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to become safe, competent drivers.

Students’ Policies

On Target Driving School, LLC
Thank you for enrolling in this Traffic Safety Education (TSE) course. Our mission is to coach students and adults to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to become safe, competent drivers. We will provide the coaching, but it’s up to you to apply the knowledge, learn the rules of the road, and get enough practice to perform the methods.

Terms: Cash, Check, Debit Card or Credit Card.

(Payment plan of 1/3 to start, 1/3 at the lesson 9, 1/3 at lesson 15 is available)

  • 30 hours classroom, 6 hours Behind the Wheel (BTW), 6 hours observation. $450
  • Failing to show for a scheduled drive (or not having your permit with you) $30
  • Failing to show for a scheduled observation (that causes a drive to be rescheduled) $30
  • One on one class makeup $30
  • Two or more students (each) $15
  • Re-enrollment fee $50
  • Re-take Final Drive (or additional drives) $40

Additional Fees:

  • DOL Knowledge Test $35
  • DOL Skills Test $45
  • Use of OTDS Car DOL Skills Test $20

Refunds: A 100% refund of paid enrollment fees will be allowed if a student withdraws before beginning the second week of instruction if no drives have been completed. After this time, students may arrange to complete the course with a future class that is scheduled to begin within 90 days of withdrawal by paying a re-enrollment fee of $50.

Registration: Student must be 15 years old by the first day of class to enroll. No student may enroll after the third class session has been completed. Students cannot miss more than 3 classes. The knowledge test must be completed or waiver be issued before the DOL will issue an Instruction Permit which is necessary for the BTW portion of the course.

In-Car Lessons: Students will receive 12 hours of guided driving instruction; 6 hours BTW and 6 hours active observation. We strongly recommend that students receive 2 hours of guided driving with parent/guardian between each BTW lesson so they can practice the methods they have learned. Students must have their Instruction Permit physically with them for each BTW lesson. Failure to display their permit at the beginning of the BTW lesson will mean “No Drive” and the $30 missed drive fee will apply. BTW lessons are designed to complement the classroom sessions. Students are responsible for scheduling their drives and keeping those appointments. For schedule confirmation, students or parents can check the Schedule Agent. Cell phones must be put in silent mode during all drives and observations.

All drives will be scheduled to have two students in the car; a driver and an observer. Parents are always welcome to observe their student’s BTW lesson. Parents can be the observer if a student observer is not available. The missed drive fee will not be assessed to the driver if the observer fails to show and the drive is not completed. The $30 missed observation fee will apply to the student who misses their scheduled commitment to observe and causes no drive to be completed.

Missed Classes: Students that miss a class must arrange to make it up. The student continues to be eligible for drives up to the lesson(s) missed, but must complete all 30 hours and 6 drives to pass the course and qualify for their Intermediate License.

  • Up to 3 lessons may be made-up by completing the approved study material given by the instructor and any missed quizzes or tests.
  • If a 4th lesson is missed the student must arrange for one-on-one make-up time (fee applies) or complete the course with the following scheduled class, beginning with the 4th lesson missed.

Minimum & Maximum Duration: Course will be conducted over no less than 30 days or more than 90 days including the behind the wheel lessons. Extension beyond 90 days requires owner approval.

Student Responsibility: Students are responsible for completing the requirements of this course. This includes class work, drives, and observations. Cell phones and personal electronic devices need to be silenced during class time and on the drives. Please demonstrate respect for your classmates by staying focused on the material and discussion during class. Disruptive or abusive behavior will not be tolerated. Violation of this may result in being asked to leave without refund. Parents will be notified of behavior that violates this policy before action of this magnitude is taken. Students that fail to complete testing or drives within 60 days of the last class may be subject to a re-enrollment fee of $50.

Parental Involvement: Parents/Guardians are crucial to the success of their teen driver. Parents always welcome to attend classroom or BTW lessons. The first lesson of each class includes a mandatory parent orientation to inform about our practices, the intermediate licensing program, and answer any questions you may have.

Insurance: We are insured beyond the minimums required by state law. Students and observers are covered under our policy during instruction. Parents/Guardians agree to hold harmless On Target Driving School, llc for events that may occur during instruction.

Passing: The student must complete all 30 hours of classroom work, score 80% on the final written test, 70% on the mid-term, 60% average on the 4 quizzes and 80 points on the Final Drive. There are flexible times to retake quizzes, the mid-term, and final written test if passing scores are not accomplished the first time. The final written test must be passed before the Final Drive is performed. Passing scores are required by the DOL before you will be issued a license.

On Target Driving School does not guarantee that a student will pass their license exam but we will effectively coach you in the knowledge and skill you need to become a safe, competent driver.